Jade Update – 6/30/09 – UVA appointment

So we never did get a surgery date.  As expected, UVA wisely wanted to do an echocardiogram and EKG at their clinic at UVA before deciding anything.  That appointment was today.  And boy, she did REALLY well today.  She cried during the EKG (as usual, she hates the stickers they use all over her body), but they wisely had Dora the Explorer on in the Echo room, so she totally zoned out during that, which allowed them to take their time and really get some great pictures and measurements of everything.  Of course she had a doctor and two med students in her room for the consult, so she clammed right up and barely talked to them at first. The doctor was really sweet and gentle, and she was great about answering his questions.

The news is no news, really. We’re kind of back where we were. LOL

After having a really in-depth Echocardiogram, the doctor at UVA said he think the higher pressure gradients they are seeing are due to the VSD continuing to get smaller, not the muscle bundles in the right ventricle (Double Chambered Right Ventricle), so they’re not recommending surgery at this time.  HALLELUJAH! He did say it’s highly unlikely that she won’t need the surgery at some point in the future, but they’d much rather wait till it becomes obvious the muscle bundles are causing the pressure gradient increase, than to possibly rush in, especially since those muscle bundles can sometimes grow back.

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