Quick Update…Good news!

Jade had her 6th and final Physical Therapy session today. Her PT, Robin, said that Jade has made good progress and now can hold her head up straight.  She said to come back if she starts having problems again, but she shouldn’t need any more sessions as long as we just keep encouraging proper head position at home, and making sure she sleeps on BOTH sides of her head.

Praise God – this could have taken so much longer than it did!

Now on to the Gastrointerologist next month.  Let’s hope that goes as quickly as this did.

Meanwhile Jade is constantly surprising us with all the new things she’s learning.  We found her in the kids’ bathroom sink the other day.  She’s apparently been watching her brother brush his teeth, and decided she’d like to try that, too.  We wondered how she got up there, so we put her back on the ground and videotaped her climbing back up: Little Miss Monkey

As you can see she lets nothing get in her way.  She has also figured out how to scoot chairs to where she wants to go.  Look out world, here comes Miss Jade!