Jade Update – We have a surgery date

We finally got the call from the Children’s Heart Center at UVA. Jade’s pre-op appointment will be the afternoon of October 16th and her surgery is scheduled for the 17th of October. The average stay for open heart surgery for a child is 5-7 days, depending on how well recovery goes.

We were hoping for a surgery date that was a little sooner than that, given that we were told within 2 weeks back on the 5th, but I found out the surgeon our cardiologist would prefer to have do the surgery will be out of town the rest of the month, and won’t be back till October, and he is of the mind that Jade is not in any immediate danger that would require we find another surgeon to do the surgery early.

At least we have a date. We will be getting a packet of information on the procedure, on guidelines and a list of local lodging facilities (including the Ronald McDonald House) near the hospital.

Kind of disappointing to know that we’ll be waiting and continuing to deal with the eating and weight struggles for (over) another month, but at least theres a definite date and end in sight.

If you would, just continue to pray that God would have His hand on Jade (and our emotions and state of mind) during the next month while we await her surgery date.