Jade Update – 10/19/06 – Catheterization is scheduled

The cath is scheduled for Nov 3rd.

The timing of everything is kind of funny – she had her echo on the day of her originally scheduled surgery and will have the cath done on the day of her re-scheduled (but cancelled) surgery.

I had to kind of be a bit firm in order to get it scheduled. I called the woman who does the scheduling, just to check, and she said she’d ask the doctor in charge of the cath labs. She came back and said the doctor who was to perform it would be out for a while, so they’d have to schedule it for when she got back. So I, politely, but firmly, let her know that the doctor that saw her on Tuesday told us that *because* this other doctor would be out, he was going to have a different doctor perform it so we wouldn’t have to wait any longer than a couple weeks. So, she checked with the doctor again and we got our date.

I want to make sure I am not in any way rude, because these folks are all just doing their jobs, but at the same time, I still want to make sure I am a good advocate for Jade, and speak up when something is contradicting what we’ve been told. The sooner we get this cath done and over with, the sooner we can figure out when her surgery should be (whether that be now or a year from now), and go from there.

Anyway, the catheterization is scheduled for 8:00 that morning and we are to report at 7:00, so hopefully we’ll be able to take her home that afternoon, around 3 or 4.