Jade – Quick update – 7/14/09

Just got a call from Pediatric Endocrinology at UVA.  Apparently Dr. Hoyer (the cardiologist at UVA) and Dr. Deboer (endocrinologist) have been discussing Jade’s case, and so they made her an appointment.  She’ll go see Dr. Deboer on September 2nd.  I really love that Dr. Hoyer made the appointment.  Seeing an endocrinologist was his idea, so they can rule out anything hormonal causing her growth issues, but basically just said that we could make the appointment at our leisure – sometime before her next cardiology check up.  To me, him having the conversations with Dr. Deboer and having them go ahead and set up an appointment shows me that he’s trying to be proactive and get more involved in her care.  I’m liking him more and more.

Honestly, I really don’t expect anything to turn up at this appointment.  My hunch is that she’s just genetically tiny.  But he’s right, it’s a good idea to rule out anything that might need treatment.  We just ask that God would have his hand on the testing and appointment and give wisdom to the doctors, that they would be able to figure out what’s cause for concern and what’s just normal for Jade.