Normal is good!

Just got the results back from my MRI and Echo at UVA.

Echo: Didn’t find anything wrong.  Everything looks normal.  Normal structures. Normal function.  This probably also means that I do *not* have the Vascular type of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, all though I’ll be waiting for the genetic tests to come back before I break out the party hats.

MRI: Didn’t find any signs of Chiari, Tethered Cord or Syringomyelia.  Just the disc degeneration in my neck that I already knew about.  Another cause for Praise!

They did find some mild signs of my bone marrow converting from yellow marrow back to red, which is a little unusual, so she’s referring me to a hematologist, just to make sure nothings the matter there.  Probably nothing, but better safe than sorry.

So, while I still have Ehlers-Danlos, and I still have to contend with what ever that has and will bring me, for now I seem to have dodged many of the major/more dangerous complications that can be associated with the disease.  No spine involvement.  No valve/aortic involvement.

Praise God!